Jaydeen Vicente

Jaydeen is one of the founding directors for ASTRO Foundation and has been instrumental in the work it has accomplished. She is a graduate from the Stanislaus State University MBA program who currently works full time as a Senior Clinical Oncology Specialist for Genentech.  

Jaydeen has been an Oakdale resident since 2009 and has jumped in with both feet (or four paws) to make the community a better place for future generations.  Jaydeen has always had a passion for animals and has taken that passion to the next level with ASTRO.  She saw a tremendous unmet need while volunteering at the City of Oakdale animal shelter a few years ago.  Jaydeen made it her personal goal to work with others to eventually build a modern, no-kill shelter for the community.  In the meantime, to help address the urgency of the homeless pet problem, she fosters felines at her own property and works tirelessly on weekends promoting adoptions. 

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