ASTRO Foundation Working with Kids to Save Animals and Planning to Purchase Mobile Adoption Unit

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ASTRO Foundation Working with Kids to Save Animals and Planning to Purchase Mobile Adoption Unit

Oakdale, CA – ASTRO (Animal Shelter To Riverbank & Oakdale) Foundation, Inc. is currently rescuing adoptable animals from the Oakdale Shelter and surrounding areas. According to Jaydeen Vicente, board member, “We rescue adoptable animals that are at risk, have them checked by our veterinarian and new board member, Jill Cadmus at Oakdale Veterinary Group, provide whatever treatments/vaccines/spay/neuter that are required, and place them in foster homes until they can be adopted.” One lucky rescue kitty, Amy, is being donated to the Oakdale Care Center this month. ASTRO is currently seeking foster homes for dogs and cats and plans to work with the local high schools to encourage students to foster and learn about responsible pet ownership and management. Students will assist with all aspects of their foster pet’s care and participate in adoption events. According to Jill Cadmus DVM, “The overpopulation of homeless pets, especially cats, poses a health risk to the people and pets of the community. The more we can get off the streets and place into good homes, the safer for everyone.”

ASTRO Foundation maintains a long-term goal of building a no-kill shelter for the community. In the meantime, in order to address the urgency of the homeless pet problem, ASTRO plans to purchase a mobile adoption vehicle. This “animal shelter on wheels” will allow ASTRO and its volunteers and students to bring adoptable animals to the larger community in a safe, temperature-controlled environment. ASTRO will be able to visit schools, festivals and fairs, and local businesses to promote humane education programs for children and animal welfare.

ASTRO Foundation is actively seeking donations and sponsors for purchase of the mobile adoption vehicle, which will cost approximately $145K. ASTRO is also seeking donations to purchase supplies for student foster homes, which will include such items as cages, food, and litter. Donations of cages/crates and supplies are also welcomed. ASTRO Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and all donations are tax deductible.

Individuals and companies interested in learning more about or supporting ASTRO Foundation should contact them at or call (209) 604-2649.