Scott Hicks

Scott Hicks graduated from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, CA.) in 1981 with a degree in Architecture. He has been self employed as a residential designer since 1983. Scott moved to Oakdale in 1994 and has served in various community oriented capacities including being a member of the Oakdale Planning Commission 2006-2015, a volunteer baseball coach at Big Valley Christian High School in Modesto since 2007, and a member of the worship band at "The River Christian Community" church  in Oakdale.

Scott has owned animals most of his life (8 dogs and 1 cat) and originally became involved in the Oakdale animal shelter volunteer program in 2010 when his daughter, Mari, turned 18 and they applied to walk dogs at the shelter. This was an eye opening experience, seeing how many shelter animals do not make it out alive because of overcrowding and other causes. This knowledge led to conversations with several other volunteers, which resulted in the formation of ASTRO Foundation in 2012.

Scott is one of the founding directors of ASTRO Foundation and has taken the lead in working with the dogs that ASTRO rescues as well as the foster families that they stay with. Although not a "certified" dog trainer, Scott has studied various methods of training and strived to apply them when working with dogs at the Oakdale shelter. He works with some of the student volunteers as well, teaching them these methods so that they can help the foster and adoptive families to have greater success with the animals they care for. Scott's architectural background will be instrumental in the development of plans for a new shelter once that goal is reached.

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