The ASTRO Foundation is excited to announce that we have purchased the building located at 157 North 5th Ave. in downtown Oakdale, CA (corner of 5th Ave. and E St.). After a bit of remodeling, this building will provide a much-needed ASTRO Foundation Adoption Center and office. This building will provide space from which to hold regular adoption events for dogs and puppies, although they won’t be able to live there 24/7. The building will house cats and kittens ‘round the clock and allow for volunteers to provide for their daily care. We are hoping to be ready for business by early spring.

Thank you to Danielle Sanders of PMZ Realty and Oak Valley Community Bank - Oakdale for making this purchase possible.

This year has been one of tremendous challenges for all of us. Your local pet rescues have experienced an exceptional burden as many municipal shelters were not taking pets for much of the year. The calls for help have been constant and dire. We have responded as best we can given our limited volunteers and resources.

Year to date, we have adopted out approximately 950 pets (a new record) and still have 200 pets in foster care! You have all stepped up to help us with additional monetary and product donations, along with a willingness to foster and adopt homeless pets. Our incredible 

ASTRO Thrift & Gift Shop continues to support these efforts by generating funds through your generous donations and shopping efforts. Thank you City of Oakdale for your support of ASTRO Thrift & Gift Shop!

As you all know, the ASTRO Foundation purchased a one-acre lot on Wakefield Court in 2018 on which to ultimately build a 4,800 sf no-kill shelter. We had planned to initiate a capital campaign earlier this year to raise the funds to build. Unfortunately, COVID has forced us to delay that plan. While that remains our long-term plan, our rescue operation has grown to the point where our band of volunteers can no longer continue to operate out of their homes.

We extend our deepest gratitude to you for your donations, your patronage, your assistance, and your ongoing love and support for our mission to save as many of these fur-babies as possible. If you have not done so already, please consider joining our PAW IT FORWARD club as a recurring donor. Your tax-deductible donation will automatically be deducted every month. These donations go a long way in helping us sustain our work year-round. To join, click on the DONATE button at the top of our website.  

If you would like to pledge a larger amount to go toward the pay-off of the new ASTRO Foundation Adoption Center, please contact us. We will be structuring a building recognition and sponsorship program very soon.

Nothing we do would be possible without YOU! We appreciate all of you and wish you a safe, joyous holiday season.


The ASTRO Foundation Board of Directors

Jaydeen Vicente, Chairperson
Scott Hicks, Vice Chairperson
Kimberly Sullivan Gray, Treasurer
Cassandra Sparks, Secretary
Louise Sanders, Director at Large
Audrey Paddack, Director at Large



The Journey Home


ASTRO Foundation is currently raising funds to build a 4,800 s.f. adoption center designed by Indigo Hammond & Playle Architects, LLP of Davis, CA.   The shelter has been designed to meet U.C. Davis Shelter Medicine standards.  This is a desperately needed project for a growing community of approximately 45,000 people.  The existing city shelter was only built to serve a population of 5,000.

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A-00 SITE PLAN.jpg


This one-acre lot is located at 772 Wakefield Court in the industrial section of Oakdale, CA and provides the perfect spot for our no-kill adoption center. There is plenty of space for indoor/outdoor kennels and play areas, as well as an inviting little cat cafe.


The ASTRO Foundation Adoption Center will have the capacity to house up to 14 dogs and 32 cats at any given time, providing rescue for 100-150 dogs and 450-550 cats per year depending on length of stay.  The multi-purpose room will also serve as an education center where students and community members can learn about animal welfare and resources. And what a purrfect place for a birthday party!

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