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Cat & Kitten Fostering

We are always looking for fosters for cats and kittens, but especially during spring time (a.k.a.) Kitten Season! There is an urgent need for foster homes for newborn, adolescent and young adult kittens that are preparing for adoption. It is always best to keep foster cats & kittens away from household pets to prevent the potential spread of illness. Please be sure your pets are current on vaccinations and preventatives before choosing to foster. 


Learn about what is involved for each age group and share with us your comfort level! Kitten fostering commitments vary from as little as one month to up to four months depending on their age and your availability. 

Feeding Newborn Kitten
Cat in Basket

Newborn Kitten Fostering (6 Weeks & Under)

Often times newborn kittens are found without a momma and brought to our rescue. We are dependent on dedicated volunteers with a passion for neonates in order to save the lives of these little creatures. Neonates (newborn kittens) require around the clock care that involved bottle or syringe feeding every 2-4 hours, stimulation for potty time and a warm, safe space away from other animals in the home with limited handling. Check out the Kitten Lady's video here for more details on what's involved with Newborn Kitten Fostering. 

Adolescent Kitten Fostering (6 Weeks & Over)

Adolescent kitten fostering is a blast! These kittens are eating on their own, litter box trained and playful as could be. Kittens start vaccines at 6 weeks of age and are due for boosters every two weeks. Kittens will be fixed when they reach three months or three pounds and will then be ready for adoption. Adolescent kittens, depending on age, eat dry and wet kitten food and require lots of toys and play time. Adolescent kittens do not need the run of a home, though would love it. They can be housed in a clean, safe spare bedroom or bathroom depending on the size of the litter. 

Adult Cat Fostering (1 Year & Over)

Adult cats also need fostering sometimes! Most of our adult cats looking for a short term foster while they wait for their spay/neuter date to arrive. This can be as little as one week and up to one month. 

Special Needs Cat Fostering

Sometimes we rescue cats that have special needs. Some are elderly and require a special diet and medications. Some have chronic illnesses and need to be kept away from other animals while they wait for a forever home of their own. Each special needs cat (or kitten) is different. If interested in helping those most in need, please give us a call! 

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