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Dog & Pup Fostering

We are strictly foster based when it comes to canines as we do not currently have a facility equipped to house them around the clock. Because of this, we cannot save any dogs without the help of our incredible network of dog fosters! 

ASTRO is in need of all kinds of dog and puppy fosters, big and small. There is a great need for foster homes for large breed dogs as they face the highest risk of euthanasia due to overcrowding at municipal animal shelters. 

Whatever size or age dog you are able to care for, we appreciate! 

Portrait with Dog

Puppy Fostering

Puppy fostering is one of the cutest ways to save a life. Get your puppy fix without the lifelong commitment of adoption by helping us rescue! Puppies often require additional training (house training, leash training, car training, etc.). Depending on the puppy's vaccination status, they may need to remain indoor only for their safety. Once they are fully vaccinated, they can enjoy the outdoors. All puppy supplies are provided by ASTRO unless donated by the foster parent. 

Adult Dog Fostering

Adult dogs are the ones most often in need of your help. They come to us from all different backgrounds and are so appreciate of rescue. If you are interested/able to foster an adult dog, please share with us what kinds of traits are required to be suitable for your living situation and we will match you up with a dog in need of foster care. 

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