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The ASTRO Foundation does it's best to assist in all kinds of rescue... we pull from our local municipal shelter to offset their burden, we accept animals that are found and have no owner, and we also accept owner surrenders. Please note: we only have the capacity to service animals from the communities of Riverbank and Oakdale at this time. Should you be in need of assistance and are not from Riverbank or Oakdale or have found an animal outside of these areas, please view the list of rescues/resources for surrounding counties by clicking here. 

Notes on dogs: ASTRO Foundation is strictly foster based when it comes to dogs. If you have a dog you can no longer keep, or found a dog with no owner and need help finding placement, please keep in mind we do not have a facility to house dogs around the clock. If you are able to foster the pet while we prepare it for adoption and await a forever home, we will be more likely to be able to assist. 

Notes on cats: While we can house up to forty cats/kittens at our Adoption Center, we rescue thousands of animals each year and space is limited at our facility. If you have found a cat/kittens and we are full, please consider fostering the animals for us while we prepare them for adoption. 

Owner surrender...

If you have a pet that you can no longer keep, please email the following information to us at

  • Name of pet(s)

  • Photo(s) of pet(s)

  • Description of age and temperament

  • Medical records (if any)

  • Reason for surrender

Found a pet with no owner and cannot keep it...

If you have found an animal that clearly does not have an owner (kittens in a bush, pregnant cat dumped at river, etc.) or it has already been checked for a microchip, listed on found pets pages and reported to Animal Control, please submit the following information to

  • Photo(s) of pet(s)

  • Estimate of age

  • Description of temperament

  • Location found

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