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Volunteer with ASTRO!

The ASTRO Foundation is always recruiting volunteers for a variety of positions!


If you are interested in volunteering with the ASTRO Thrift & Gift Shop, call: 

(209) 605 - 8100

For all other volunteer inquiries, please call the ASTRO Foundation Adoption Center

(209) 604 - 2649


Cattery Caretaker

Cat care and cleaning at the ASTRO Foundation Adoption Center

Duties: Assist with cleaning of cattery condos and communal areas (dishes, litter boxes, laundry). Help maintain overall cleanliness of the Adoption Center. Administer medications as necessary. Socialize cats/kittens awaiting forever homes. 

Commitment: One, two hour shift per week at the Adoption Center: 157 N. Fifth Avenue in Oakdale, CA. Shifts available seven days per week between 9:00am and 12:00pm. 

Requirements: Must be 14 years or older and complete volunteer liability waiver. Must follow detailed operating procedures, have the ability to lift 20lbs or more, recognize abnormalities in animal health and behavior and work well with others. 

Thrift & Gift Sales Associate

Customer service and sales at the ASTRO Thrift & Gift Shop

Duties: Taking in donations, pricing, sales, decorating, and opening/closing the shop. All proceeds from the shop directly benefit our rescue animals!

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Comittment: Please contact Mary Buchanan, Shop Manager, for details on current shift openings.


Petco Riverbank Cattery Caretaker

Resetting the ASTRO cat condos at Petco in Riverbank

Duties: Sanitize cat condos at Petco in Riverbank; fresh dishes, litter boxes, bedding and toys.

Commitment: For information on available shifts, please contact Nina Smith, our lead Petco volunteer. (209) 404 - 7729.


2341 Claribel Rd, Riverbank, CA 95367

Adoption Events

We are in need of volunteers to assist with pop up Adoption Events at various locations in our community. 

Duties include transporting cats/dogs to and from event, processing adoptions and collecting adoption fees. Sharing information with the public about ASTRO and our mission!

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